Certain Death

Session 7

Begins at 11am, August 28th, 2013 – 26 days, 21 hours

Caidan heads back to town center and chats with his father a bit, finding out a little of what happened to him in this reality. He then goes to the Clinic to get his head examined, but Dr. Hu finds nothing wrong. The two other winners of the Amazon competition have already taken their blood injections. One appears fine, but the other is now as tall as an Amazon an passed out from the procedure. It apparently hurts like hell to have your DNA rewritten all at once. Before Caidan can get his injection, everyone runs outside to see what the hell that loud explosion sound was.

A tear has formed in the sky above the center of town. Rory gets some helium balloons, rope and tries to measure out how high it is. Caidan’s wife has worked with some people to get local cellphone service working, but with limited range of the town itself.

The dwarves, Caidan and his father and the Nun go to a section of ground, and the two earth-shapers begin moving a column up with one of the dwarven axes set to record. While doing this, a strange tune begins playing and everyone falls catatonic. When they come to, Caidan’s father has disappeared. They search, and he turns up down river with a chunk of his neck healing up.

The Dwarves go back to working on the column when the tune is heard again, and this time when everyone comes out of it, one of the Dwarves is missing. The Dwarven chief plays back a recording of what happened, and it appears something led the dwarf to the river and proceeded to take several bites out of him and dump his body there.

A search is done by the river, and the dwarf is found down by the dam, half-drowned. He’s taken to the clinic, but they have to resort to using the healing potion given by the dragons to save his life. People are sent home for their own protection.

Storm clouds start gathering and figures can be seen in the distance. The dragons have come a day early to check out what the hell is going on. As the skies darken with storm clouds, blotting out the sun, someone spots humanoid winged figures descending from the rift.

Ends at 4pm, August 28th, 2013 – 26 days, 16 hours



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