Certain Death

Third Session

Sunday, August 25th, Noon, T-Minus 29 days, 18 hours

The town, minus the people incarcerated or on the run following the panicked debacle this morning, gathers at the front of the Town Hall to meet with the Probe. Everyone mills about and chatters until the Probe flies in with a black dust trail following. The cloud trail is flying up into the holes in the Probe’s spherical shell, seemingly mending it.

The townsfolk have questions and the Probe does not have all the answers available… any longer. It turns out that shortly after taking the town, the ship that everyone is currently in had taken damage, and the ship had been trying repair itself and provided a nanite-laced rain in an attempt to save everyone’s lives from the rapid cellular degeneration everyone was going through. In order to do this, the ship has cannibalized its own systems, including its memory banks. This is only a temporary measure, though, and the townsfolk have 30 days since the rain stopped to find a cure for their unravelling DNA, or else dissolve into zombiehood again and then into an organic goo.

The ship no longer has any memory of where Earth is or why it brought the town here, but it knows there are cures for the townsfolks’ deteriorating condition. The first option is an injection of fresh blood from an intelligent species directly into the heart. From there the new blood will be distributed throughout the body and the nanites will burn themselves out rebuilding the person’s DNA based on the blood sample. Unintelligent species’ blood will… Well, do you want to become a dumb animal? The Probe is unsure what the other options are, but is certain there is something else that can be done to save people and it can be found on this planet.

The group asks for something, anything, that the town can use to barter with or sell to anyone thy meet for supplies or blood, and the Probe reluctantly agrees to share data on the nanites. The Probe meets Jack and Caidan and ??rodney at the clinic and downloads some information, but then an alarm sounds, the town is transported, and the Probe drops a couple of stories and wrecks the sidewalk. They check the data and it is in picture format and the instructions are in a language they do not understand. Hopefully, someone on this planet will be able to decipher it.

Up in the purple sky, the blue sun is shining through pink clouds. Five moons are seen.

They go downstairs and Jack rolls the now inoperative Probe into the clinic’s lobby. Everyone is given time to eat and rest, as they have all been up in one form or another for a at least a day. Noontime the next day, people have gathered again at the town hall, this time for group assignments. People are to go out and explore this strange new world, make contact with any species they find, and hopefully extend offers of friendship. Resources such as food and possibly fuel are going to be needed, as well as the much-needed blood to save the townsfolk.
The group (minus Leslie) is assigned one of the roads exiting town through a mountain pass. Luckily enough the road emerges at the edge on a mountain on the other side, and Jack’s jeep is able to navigate, slowly but carefully, the mountain slope. Unfortunately, the jeep tips over and the group is left on foot. Someone notices what looks to be a campfire on the side of the mountain several miles away, and everyone starts heading that way. The mountain terrain slow them, and it is near sunset by the time they are noticed themselves. A short bald man greets Brad as he is scouting ahead, and Brad brings him back to the rest of the group. He says he is a dwarf, and invites them back to their camp to speak with his commander.



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