Certain Death

Session 6

10 pm, August 27th, 2013 – 27 days, 8 hours

Group heads back to town with a dwarf, but Caidan and Cornelius stay back to negotiate with the dwarf leader and find a gambling game respectively. Dwarf molds a new road as they walk, chatting along the way. Languages brought up, 4 unrelated species all speaking the same language? Writing not understood by all. Dwarf molds rock to set car back on wheels, minor damage, they climb in and drive slow, road being molded on the way.

Get back to town and there’s a crowd at the main park, and four 8foot amazon women there as well. Talk to Caidan’s dad, amazon sees Shadow tagged along group. Group, dad, dwarf, amazon leader and Shadow head to office to talk.

Shadow warns that the two elephant dragons are in a power struggle at the moment, first in power because of deal with bast (needed healing &regrowth potion for injured bast), and group reveals they received the potion for first but seeds from second, second also tried to interject & influence deals. Bring up language conundrum, dad reveals dolphin pod came with the town. Shadow heads back

Amazons have offered a competition, physical challenges with the townsfolk, any winners get blood for the cure attempt. All sleep.

Next morning, competition is under way, Mary tries fighting queen, but gets pinned and yields. Caidan & Cornelius get back to town with dwarves. Caidan accepts challenge, beats queen in hand to hand combat. Heads to parent’s house, mom asks him to bring a plate of food upstairs, master bedroom, he finds stalker there, heavily pregnant. He congratulates her, she congratulates him, he asks who father is, she flips. He takes off to try to figure this out, and remembers the wonkiness back at first meeting the dwarves. Caidan heads off to clinic to get checked, chatting with Mary along way. Changes mind to go find father and find out what’s going on. Switches back to heading to clinic. So confused.

Rory entertains dwarves with bowling, Cornelius romances amazon beauty with a song

Ends at 11am, August 28th, 2013 – 26 days, 21 hours



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