Certain Death

Second Session

Sunday, August 25, 2014, 6:00 am

All the townsfolk have been de-zombified by 6am the next morning, and the rain stops as suddenly as it started. The town is still in darkness. A quick trip up the mountain roads and by sea reveals a wall made of some unknown metal. The wall is too slick and smooth to climb, as well as too hard to break or even crack. The ceiling of this trap is either too high to be seen or there isn’t enough illumination. The town is trapped.

The townsfolk gather in front of the town hall, and some decisions are made by the town’s mayor and sheriff. Electricity usage is to be minimized so what little there is coming from the dam will go to street lighting for now. Backup generators are to be used minimally in order to conserve fuel.

Fearing the worst, the sheriff deputizes some townsfolk, and people are given tasks—mainly places of certain scarce supplies, should someone decide to gather & hoard. The majority of the group heads to the town’s clinic in order to find the reason for the zombification and sudden healing ability, while the teenagers make way to the Kettle farm.

As the group settles into its investigation into everyone’s new regenerative ability (nanites, it is surmised) and the zombie scare, the probe from last night starts flying about town, and people start displaying good and bad changes in their senses—blindness, super hearing, dark vision, super touch, etc. A minute after the changes are made, the probe flies off, and from the ruckus over the radio, starts infecting others in another part of town.

While preparing some food for the group in the clinic’s kitchen, Rory discovers that not all food is edible anymore. Anything pre-packaged containing artificial ingredients and preservatives makes anyone that can stomach the smell nauseously sick with the first bite. All-natural food seems to be the only way to go now, and there’s limited amounts of that, even with the local organic farm. Definitely not enough to last even a month.

The probe circles through again, and there are new changes to everyone’s senses. After it leaves, there’s an attack- people in masks trying to acquire and hoard medical supplies. They give themselves up after their identities are made known over the radio, but one escapes, having been responsible for shooting Deputy Steckler. Similar attacks happen over town at the farm, the gas station, grocery store and diner— all complicated by the havoc wreaked by the probe’s probing.

On the probe’s last circuit, Caiden’s senses are manipulated so that he can hear the probe trying to communicate with everyone, apparently in English. He shouts out that he understands before it can move on again, and the probe manipulates everyone’s senses again so the comprehension is shared by all. The probe insists that everyone gather in one place so that communication, now established, can be put to good use, then flies off to affect a similar change in everyone.



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