Certain Death

Third Session

Sunday, August 25th, Noon, T-Minus 29 days, 18 hours

The town, minus the people incarcerated or on the run following the panicked debacle this morning, gathers at the front of the Town Hall to meet with the Probe. Everyone mills about and chatters until the Probe flies in with a black dust trail following. The cloud trail is flying up into the holes in the Probe’s spherical shell, seemingly mending it.

The townsfolk have questions and the Probe does not have all the answers available… any longer. It turns out that shortly after taking the town, the ship that everyone is currently in had taken damage, and the ship had been trying repair itself and provided a nanite-laced rain in an attempt to save everyone’s lives from the rapid cellular degeneration everyone was going through. In order to do this, the ship has cannibalized its own systems, including its memory banks. This is only a temporary measure, though, and the townsfolk have 30 days since the rain stopped to find a cure for their unravelling DNA, or else dissolve into zombiehood again and then into an organic goo.

The ship no longer has any memory of where Earth is or why it brought the town here, but it knows there are cures for the townsfolks’ deteriorating condition. The first option is an injection of fresh blood from an intelligent species directly into the heart. From there the new blood will be distributed throughout the body and the nanites will burn themselves out rebuilding the person’s DNA based on the blood sample. Unintelligent species’ blood will… Well, do you want to become a dumb animal? The Probe is unsure what the other options are, but is certain there is something else that can be done to save people and it can be found on this planet.

The group asks for something, anything, that the town can use to barter with or sell to anyone thy meet for supplies or blood, and the Probe reluctantly agrees to share data on the nanites. The Probe meets Jack and Caidan and ??rodney at the clinic and downloads some information, but then an alarm sounds, the town is transported, and the Probe drops a couple of stories and wrecks the sidewalk. They check the data and it is in picture format and the instructions are in a language they do not understand. Hopefully, someone on this planet will be able to decipher it.

Up in the purple sky, the blue sun is shining through pink clouds. Five moons are seen.

They go downstairs and Jack rolls the now inoperative Probe into the clinic’s lobby. Everyone is given time to eat and rest, as they have all been up in one form or another for a at least a day. Noontime the next day, people have gathered again at the town hall, this time for group assignments. People are to go out and explore this strange new world, make contact with any species they find, and hopefully extend offers of friendship. Resources such as food and possibly fuel are going to be needed, as well as the much-needed blood to save the townsfolk.
The group (minus Leslie) is assigned one of the roads exiting town through a mountain pass. Luckily enough the road emerges at the edge on a mountain on the other side, and Jack’s jeep is able to navigate, slowly but carefully, the mountain slope. Unfortunately, the jeep tips over and the group is left on foot. Someone notices what looks to be a campfire on the side of the mountain several miles away, and everyone starts heading that way. The mountain terrain slow them, and it is near sunset by the time they are noticed themselves. A short bald man greets Brad as he is scouting ahead, and Brad brings him back to the rest of the group. He says he is a dwarf, and invites them back to their camp to speak with his commander.

Second Session

Sunday, August 25, 2014, 6:00 am

All the townsfolk have been de-zombified by 6am the next morning, and the rain stops as suddenly as it started. The town is still in darkness. A quick trip up the mountain roads and by sea reveals a wall made of some unknown metal. The wall is too slick and smooth to climb, as well as too hard to break or even crack. The ceiling of this trap is either too high to be seen or there isn’t enough illumination. The town is trapped.

The townsfolk gather in front of the town hall, and some decisions are made by the town’s mayor and sheriff. Electricity usage is to be minimized so what little there is coming from the dam will go to street lighting for now. Backup generators are to be used minimally in order to conserve fuel.

Fearing the worst, the sheriff deputizes some townsfolk, and people are given tasks—mainly places of certain scarce supplies, should someone decide to gather & hoard. The majority of the group heads to the town’s clinic in order to find the reason for the zombification and sudden healing ability, while the teenagers make way to the Kettle farm.

As the group settles into its investigation into everyone’s new regenerative ability (nanites, it is surmised) and the zombie scare, the probe from last night starts flying about town, and people start displaying good and bad changes in their senses—blindness, super hearing, dark vision, super touch, etc. A minute after the changes are made, the probe flies off, and from the ruckus over the radio, starts infecting others in another part of town.

While preparing some food for the group in the clinic’s kitchen, Rory discovers that not all food is edible anymore. Anything pre-packaged containing artificial ingredients and preservatives makes anyone that can stomach the smell nauseously sick with the first bite. All-natural food seems to be the only way to go now, and there’s limited amounts of that, even with the local organic farm. Definitely not enough to last even a month.

The probe circles through again, and there are new changes to everyone’s senses. After it leaves, there’s an attack- people in masks trying to acquire and hoard medical supplies. They give themselves up after their identities are made known over the radio, but one escapes, having been responsible for shooting Deputy Steckler. Similar attacks happen over town at the farm, the gas station, grocery store and diner— all complicated by the havoc wreaked by the probe’s probing.

On the probe’s last circuit, Caiden’s senses are manipulated so that he can hear the probe trying to communicate with everyone, apparently in English. He shouts out that he understands before it can move on again, and the probe manipulates everyone’s senses again so the comprehension is shared by all. The probe insists that everyone gather in one place so that communication, now established, can be put to good use, then flies off to affect a similar change in everyone.

First Session

Saturday, August 24th, 2013, 5:00 pm.

The town is gathered at the park across from town hall for the annual Harvest Festival, celebrating the end of summer. Rory, the owner of the bowling alley, is operating a pizza booth for the festival. High-school firebugs Brad and Leslie are on supervised clean-up duty. Jack, bed & breakfast operator and medical research technician, is in line for some pizza. The nun Sister Mary, a victim of wrong directions and a broken-down car, has been brought to the festival by the ex-mayor and now full-time cabby Govind in search of Erin, local mechanic and junkyard owner, in hopes that she can get her car fixed in time to make it to an appointment. Caidan, son of the current mayor and also a medical research technician, is currently at his parents’ B&B awaiting a late arrival while his father oversees the festival and his mother helps the elderly Marcella with babysitting the town’s very young.

Rory fouls the plans of a couple of the town’s ne’er-do-wells to tag his food tent with graffiti, sending them off with a couple of slices of pizza instead. Even though both Brad and Leslie are already doing public service for their setting the football field on fire in an attempt at “art”, they again feel the hankering for more fire. Sister Mary convinces Erin to go retrieve her broken-down vehicle and have a look at it, but she may want to make plans for an overnight stay, given the time. She is introduced to Jack, who happens to have an open room at his B&B. Caiden meets Cornelius Carcer, an accountant on vacation, and proceeds to get him settled in.

6:00 pm. After a brilliant flash of light, the town is plunged into darkness. Street lights flicker, provided meager power from the town’s experimental small electricity-generating dam. The mayor and police chief calm down the crowd and suggest that people pitch in to make sure everyone is all right, help in efforts to assess the situation and do something about it, or head home and be safe. The crowd disperses. Roy and his two teenage assistants start packing things up to bring everything back to the bowling alley, the boys stuffing their faces with extra pizza as they work. Jack escorts Mary to the B&B, introduces them to a couple on vacation, the Garcias, and Mary gets settled in and changes into something more comfortable. The sheriff has Deputy Steckler escort the young arsonists home, dropping them both off at Brad & his mom’s apartment. Mom is already home, having missed the festival due to a migraine. Jack gets Carcer settled in and turns the back-up generator on, and a Chinese couple and their teenage son, the Chos, arrive from the festival and the son complains of being hungry. Jack gets supper started and provides the overweight boy with a bag of potato chips in the meantime, which he hungrily starts devouring.

Mary comes back downstairs in jeans and a t-shirt, much to Jack’s dismay. Her good looks, coupled with the fact that she’s a nun, make Jack fear that he’s going to hell for what’s going through his mind. Mrs. Garcia comes down, asking for some food, as her husband feels very hungry. She heads back up stairs with food, only to be attacked by her zombie husband. She turns quickly herself and Jack and Mary have to briefly fight their way out of the house. A brightly glowing object flies past some windows, drawing their attention outside. They head out to investigate and get Jack’s jeep.

Rory is in his truck, driving himself and his insatiably-hungry assistants, when both suddenly get very still and quiet as they turn into zombies themselves. Rory slams on the brakes and books it out of the truck, leaving the door open. The zombies appear too uncoordinated or not intelligent enough to undo their seat belts, instead they just pull at them, trying to get to Rory. Suddenly a 2’ flying, glowing metal sphere shoots past Rory and into the can of the truck, and one of the zombies explodes. A moment later, the sphere flies back out of the truck and shoots straight up into the sky in the blink of an eye, and then rain suddenly starts coming down hard, and where it comes in contact with skin, it feels like it’s burning like acid. Rory joins Jack and Mary in the jeep and they head to the town hall to check with the police.
While Brad’s mom makes some food in the kitchen, Brad entertains Leslie in the living room, chatting amongst the three of them until everything suddenly grows quiet in the kitchen. The teens check in the kitchen, and find zombie mom eating anything and everything she can get her decaying hands on. The two teens quietly move back to the bedrooms to find car keys and some supplies, as well as a gun, given that is looking like a zombie apocalypse type of thing. Even though mom isn’t attacking or apparently interested, Brad decides safety lies in the double-tap, blowing her brains across the kitchen. They go downstairs and run to the car through the acid rain.

Little boy Cho, now a zombie as well, has abandoned the potato chips and attacked his father. Jack and his mother restrain him and tie him up, and while the wife attends to the father’s wounds, Jack makes mention of finding the local physician, Dr. Harry Hu, who just happens to show up at the back door, looking for a pie that Jack’s mother had made for him. Harry examines the boy, and the lack of a pulse worries him, despite the boy’s continued struggles. They decide to bring the boy to the local clinic where they can examine him better. Despite the acid rain, they manage to get the boy into the car, but then the father changes and attacks the mother. As Jack fights zombie dad with the help of some well-thrown knives from Carcer from his second-story window, Harry attempts to help the mother, who turns zombie and attacks him, and he soon follows as well. Caidan and Carcer manage to put the zombies down for the count, and get into the car to find others that are unafflicted, or so Caidan thinks.
Rory (in the back seat and feeling very hungry), Jack, and Mary go back to the festival grounds only to find Steckler being eaten by the punks Rory confronted earlier. Their car hits the zombies off of Steckler, but then Rory changes and takes a bite out of Mary. Jack and Mary abandon the jeep and run across the street to the police station, only to find more zombies there. They steal a police cruiser (Jack driving, Mary in the back, since she’s likely to turn now) and head off to the general store for supplies with a zombie Rory shambling after them. The double doors to the general store is locked, so Jack rams them with the car, busting them open and getting the car stuck in the process. They both turn, one after the other.
Brad and Leslie head to her family’s farm, where they find her parents holed up. Brad starts feeling very hungry, and when the family decides to lock themselves in the basement for safety, he does the noble thing and blockades them in there to protect them from him. He starts to blockade the doors, but turns halfway through the process and shambles out into the rain.

Caidan and Carcer get into a small argument over where they are going and what they are doing. Caidan wants to look for other survivors, and Carcer wants to get the hell out of dodge. Carcer ends the argument by sticking one of his knives in Caidan’s side and insisting they take a road out of town. The friendly accountant very accustomed to knives is really a criminal trying to hide out in the little out-of-the-way town. After a police car passes, zombie Rory shambles past Caidan’s car, then the two of them pull out and head off in the other direction. Carcer politely requests that Caidan stop for some food before they leave, and Caidan recognizes the same hunger in himself. Rather than be eaten, Caidan chooses to drive straight into a tree, and they both black out.

Rory becomes conscious again, shambling down the road after the police car still, and he finds that the rain no longer burns. Not knowing where he was going, he heads back to the police station. He finds the sheriff eating one of the officer personnel, and he taunts her outside into the rain. He ditches her, then returns to the station for a gun and double-taps the new zombie officer worker to protect himself. The sheriff soon comes around to the station, back to normal again as well. They figure that the rain is the cure-all for the zombie affliction and start working on getting the zombies out in the rain.

Rory ends up at the grocery store and lets loose the two zombies in the police car, one after the other to get them exposed to the rain. He taunts them to chase him, and chase him they do until they are exposed enough to change back to normal as well.

Brad wakes up in the Kettle’s field, wondering what happened. He discovers his missing finger has miraculously grown back. He figures the rain might be the solution as well, and goes back to let the Kettles, now zombies, out of the cellar.

Hours later, Caidan wakes up with his childhood nemesis, Jimmy, standing over him with a shotgun. His legs are in pain and don’t respond properly at first, but in a few seconds they feel alright, and he’s able to get up on his feet. The town has been slowly turning back to normal, and people have started going out in groups with shotguns, crippling the zombies’ legs once they’re out in the rain. Caidan looks around for Carcer and sees him change from zombie to normal with a look of shock on his face. Caidan quickly relays what Carcer put him through, and Jimmy gives him a minute to do whatever he wants, and Caidan pounds Carcer, watching his wounds heal almost immediately.

People work on cleaning up the rest of the town, with plans together at the town hall once everyone is revived.

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