Caidan O'Hara


Caidan “Kady” O’Hara

What do you have in your possession/home/vehicle/school locker, etc.? Anything a person from today’s society has access to, is available to your character, be it information, tools, contraband or the latest, hottest gaming system.

In Caidan’s apartment: His apartment is tastefully decorated (with help from both Alex and his mom), added in, a lot of the furniture was made by Caidan, 2 chairs, 2 bookshelves, a coffee table, a reading table.

Caidan has a Playstation 3, with about 5 games (he rents from Gamefly, and buys the one that interest him via Amazon). He also has a nice collection of cookware he has purchased over the past year, along with gifts given as presents. On the bookshelf in the living room (not shown), he has pictures of his family, a few of himself and Alex, and one or two of himself, Alex, Rebecca and James, along with varying pics of hikes, big fish he’s caught, the town growing. Caidan will also have 2 laptops, one for work and his personal one, along with the prerequisite smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4).

In his closet, he will keep his carpentry tools, along with his woodworking tool set. The larger items (band saws, etc.) he keeps at his parents B&B, with a long term plan of purchasing a fixer-upper in town and restoring it. In his bedroom closet is his pride and joy; A Penn International V Series/Ocean Master stand up Rod and Reel combo, A gift from his Uncle in County Derry in Ireland, along with his tackle box, built over time from fishing with his father.

On the bookshelf is a mixture of scientific and current medical periodicals, Classic literature from James Joyce and about 10 other authors. Some science fiction and techno thrillers, and military fictional drama. Caidan also keeps his bible and rosary on the bookshelf as well.
Caidan’s vehicle is a bit of misnomer. One would expect a person who enjoys the outdoors to have a large bruising 4×4 pickup truck, but Caidan rescued this from the junkyard after it’s original owners abandoned it after failing to navigate the Fulda Gap during a particularly nasty snowstorm.It took him about 6 months to get it running to his liking, and he uses it for trips longer than a bike ride or when carrying bulky or heavy items, he’ll either borrow his parents pickup truck, or ask for help from the bowling alley staff below.

Caidan usually keeps his tackle box, an emergency kit, spare pair of hiking boots, a tool kit for his bike, along with a patch kit and hand air pump, a winter emergency kit, along with a big of kitty litter and a spade. And a car charger for his phone (both 9V and a solar one in the glove box)

On a scale of 0 through 10 (zero being never, 10 being always) how often to you eat organic foods/organically prepared foods? There’s hunting in the mountain & forest areas, Fishing in the river, ocean and various ponds, and a single organic farm in town.

Answer: 10 Being that Caidan loves the outdoors, and spends quite a bit of time in them, along with the fact that his Parents have a long standing relationship with the only farm in town, owned by the Kettles, his diet has been mainly natural (as opposed to the annoying term “organic”, darn hippies), driven by sustaining himself from the land, not that he is opposed to a pint of Ben and Jerrys chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, mind you (darn hippies).


Caidan O'Hara

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