Certain Death

Session 5

10 pm, that same day, 28 days, 8 hours

People sleep in shifts, 1 dwarf, 1 human staying up With the two bast, exchanging info. Dwarves at TL 10, bast are barbarians at TL 0. Dwarves are unisex, find the thought of different sexes funny, like they’re animals.

Come morning, everyone is up, but the bast need sleep, but don’t feel comfortable with just the two of them to sleep together, so Mary lets them lay head on her lap outside in Sun.
Come nightfall, lion returns to guide them, stumble but safe. Dragons are dragon-kitties- look like household cats, but go up to size of lions then elephant, find out they breathe fire and have bat-like wings that fold onto their backs. Dragons may be able to help humans, publicly offer healing potion, no guarantee it will work. 2nd elephant keeps interjecting thoughts, suggestions. Offer dwarves place to stay down in jungle, but no mining in their territory please. Dwarves ask to move to human town instead – similar tech level and comforts it seems. Group & dwarves head back to dwarf camp, met by purple medium size dragon, offering seeds for humans to try, because of their food supply problem. Humans accept.



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