Certain Death

Fourth Session

7pm, August 26, 2013, Monday, 28 days, 11 hours

reality goes wonky for Caiden and he collapses to the ground. When he looks up, Jack and Brad are gone and Jayde and Cornelius are in their places. Met by dwarf who just appeared from behind a rock. Brought to camp just as sun sets, the dwarves will talk but only in safety of their cave. The rock flows behind them and seals up the cave entrance. The dwarves are not native to this chunk of planet, having come here aboard their starship with the intent of establishing a mining colony. On the first night, one of theirs was attacked and paralyzed, and they holed up the rest of the night and the next couple as well. Only two of the dwarves are fighters, the rest are just civilians, and there sounded like a lot more of whatever else was out there than they could handle. Group offers to help rid them of problem and a third dwarf volunteers as well.

They step out, the mountain closes up, and they are assaulted by the Bast, favoring sneak attacks from behind. Shadow injured, one bound, dwarf paralyzed, Mary figures they are kids looking for fun. Lions (adults) rein the children in, establish talks. They are employed in the service of the dragons, who have been wanting to speak with the dwarves on their mountain, but they used the opportunity to train the young in hunting. They will be back the next sunset to bring them all to the dragons, leaving two of their number behind, so that group & dwarves can get a night’s sleep.



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